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I'm Doraemon INU

ERC-20 token on Ethereum's blockchain

Stealth launching on Ethereum Mainnet, our goal was to show the world the power of baby steps, and of an ever-growing organic community. Now the writing's on the wall:

The token has reached an impressive 3000 holders and a market cap of over 17M USD. Now it is time to take the next step: Our P2E game has been released and is rewarding holders with generous prizes. Our team is working every day for this project's success. Doraemon Inu is just getting started. 


How to buy?

Uniswap Step-By-Step and Tips:


① Create a Wallet and Buy ETH

Register an ETH account on Trust Wallet, MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet. You can use an existing wallet if you prefer. You will need ETH to buy $DORAEMON on Uniswap. Start by buying some ETH from exchanges (like Binance or Coinbase) or from third-party providers in your wallet. Once purchased, transfer the ETH to your Wallet. Please keep in mind you will need to leave an amount of ETH for the gas tax when swapping.


② Connect Your Wallet

Connect your ETH wallet to Uniswap using the widget below or directly on their website. Click to allow Uniswap to import the $DORAEMON contract when prompted. Alternatively, you can import it manually (copy address). When connecting your wallet choose the correct protocol used by your wallet - i.e. Wallet Connect for Trust Wallet, or MetaMask for MetaMask, and confirm the connection in your wallet app.


③ Adjust Uniswap Settings

On Uniswap, when prompted with a 'No Liquidity' message, click on "Trade Using V2". Click on the cogwheel icon on the upper right corner and set the Slippage tolerance between 12-20%. This is important to keep your transaction from being overrun by other orders. You should use round numbers. For example: Instead of 150000860000, try 1500000000. You can also delete the decimals and put .1 at the end.


④ Swap ETH for $DORAEMON

Enter the amount you want buy leaving some for the Ethereum network gas tax. Click to swap and approve the transaction on your wallet app. After a few minutes your $DORAEMON balance should be showing in your wallet. If not, go to "Add Token" and paste our contract address (0xD2d9E0B2942943269D5224E0048Bbc32380aC19B).


Our developer implemented measures to assure our token would perform optimally. Our coin features anti-whale and anti bot measures, besides having max transaction limits to assure its prosperity. The token's liquidity is locked for 6 months and its ownership has been renounced, assuring investors of its trustworthiness. Our tax splits itself in 3 parameters:


Redistribution: Assures holders are constantly rewarded with a percentage of each transaction.


Marketing/Development: This fund is applied in the token's promotion and in its use-case (P2E game) development, which are both crucial to the project's success.

Buybacks: When the team sees fit, buybacks will be made followed by a burn of the corresponding tokens, making each holder's position more valuable.










Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

  • Stealth Launch

  • Community Creation from scratch.

  • Whitepaper Release.

  • Marketing and token promotion.

  • Website Release.

  • Sticker pack and other promotional assets

  • Partnerships with influencers.

  • CoinGecko listing

  • Coin Market Cap listing

  • Chinese community creation

  • Discord Server hosted by the community

  • P2E game release on website

  • Ongoing improvements on several key aspects of the project (Game, Website, Promotional assets...)